Scoring of PTE changes: “The test just got harder”


At IELTS, we want to help you achieve the result you need for work, study or migration. As a result, that’s why we share with you how we test, how we mark your work, and what is important. So, for IELTS Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening, we’ll tell you what examiners look for and how your test is marked. We’ll also show you how we calculate your overall band score.

Quality and fairness

IELTS invests heavily in the continued development of its test and the processes how we mark your test. This is to ensure a fair assessment for all test takers. And, it is to ensure a reliable result for the organisations that depend on IELTS as a measure of English language skill.


Find out more about the test format

IELTS is unique in that it allows the choice of an Academic of General Training test. Both types of IELTS test measure your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. However, the questions are a little different and one test might suit you more than the other.

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