GATE 2021: Things to Do a Week Before the Exam


GATE 2021 Exam is just around the corner with less than a week left in the exam. Few students will be having exams on 6th and 7th February while few will be having their exams on 13th and 14th February. The tension is high in the environment and everyone is nervous about the judgement day. Every year we see students facing this last-moment crisis before the exam. Hence, this article is written with a single motive of making all the aspirants of GATE 2021 Exam at ease and instill the confidence back in them.

This is the day you all were working hard for. All the sweat and sacrifice has finally come down to this one day where those three hours are finally going to decide who outplays the other. We all are humans and sentiments like these do get the better of us sometimes.

Anxiety is sometimes even good as it makes you focus on the target and prevents you from deviating from your path. However, there are students who unknowingly get trapped into the quicksand of overthinking. It is very difficult to come out of that vicious loop of lament and regret and one should always avoid doing that.

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Things to Do a Week Before GATE 2021 Exam

The best way to avoid making such a mistake is to keep believing in yourself and do the right things before the exam so that you don’t get deviated or demoralized. Following are some of the things that every candidate must do a week before the exam. These are some habits that we have observed in the toppers which have cleared this exam over the years. So let’s discuss them systematically:

  1. Overachieving is Dangerous: A lot of students make this serious mistake of overachieving during the final days of preparation. They tend to make impractical plans of covering and revising the entire syllabus in the few days left for the exam. GATE is an exam which tests the depth of one’s knowledge and can’t be cleared with just a superficial approach. Hence, one should stick to the syllabus completed till now and keep revising it.
  2. Practice and Revision: The final week before the exam should be dedicated to revision of the important concepts and formulae. Refrain from studying any new concept and stay focused to the concepts you have already covered. Do practice the questions which you were not able to solve while giving the test series. These questions and the underlying concepts will stay fresh in your mind during the exam hour.
  3. Take Strategic Breaks: This is vital for you to remain fresh and focused in this last week before the exam. Make your schedule wisely and make sure you are taking well-planned breaks in between. These breaks will keep you fresh and avoid getting your brain overloaded. Just make sure you are using these breaks wisely. Try talking to good friends or go for a walk. Don’t do any activity which will cause any fatigue to your body or mind.
  4. Take Care of Yourself: We have always got this advice that “a sound mind resides in a sound body” but seldom do we pay importance to it. In this last one week before the exam, make sure you are getting good sleep and giving your body an ample amount of rest. It is very easy for us to panic in this type of scenario and get sick in the process. Avoid eating street food and try to take three good meals in day. Your brain will be able to function to its fullest only when you take care of your body.
  5. Live Your Dream: This exam is all that you have thought about in this entire year and it’s the time to implement the plans on the D-day. Don’t lose your focus and try to practice in the exact exam environment. You must be aware by now about the slot and timing allotted to you for the exam. Just make sure you are not sleeping in that time for this one week. Try to remain your most active self for this time frame as this will wire your brain accordingly. This will also help you in coping with the pressure of three hours in the exam room.

At last, we would just like to say that stay motivated and focused towards your goal. Follow these simple but powerful habits and keep the belief in yourself intact. Most people think that GATE is a test of your technical knowledge. It indeed is but at the same time, it also tests your perseverance and the ability of the candidate to stay calm and focused till the final day. We hope you all will get through GATE 2021 Exam with flying colours.

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All The Best for GATE 2021 Exam!



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