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Job Description

The Analyzer Technician will be responsible for Inspection, Preventive Maintenance, Testing, Calibration, Troubleshooting and Repairs of all Analyzers from various manufacture’s commonly used in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical facilities

Essential Job Responsibilities

The Analyzer Technician performs the major functions listed below. The position may require additional duties/responsibilities that may not be outlined below, and specific functions are subject to change.

• Preventive Maintenance, Calibration, Troubleshooting of Process Gas Analyzers including Sampling Systems.

• Handle online Process and Stack Analyzers including Gas Chromatography, Oil in Water, Oxygen, Infrared, Sulfur, Turbidity, Chlorine, Moisture, THC, TOC etc..

• Attend Emergency breakdown service calls and ensure to bring sampling system and analyzers back into service

• Prepare Monthly, Quarterly, Half year, yearly Preventive maintenance Plan

• Identify consumables, prepare monthly, Quarterly and Annual maintenance budgets.

• Spare parts management, identify critical Spare Parts and Ordering them on time

• PM activities: Completing Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, prepare historical logs & calibration certificates

• Analyzer support services include configuration, backup, upgrades etc.

• Excellent communication skills, capable to handle all Communication with Original Equipment Manufacture’s for successful repairs without additional support and supervision

• Maintaining Master Calibration equipment, tools and ensuring they are calibrated from third party on time.

• Keeping up to date on maintaining Calibration and service logs in a timely manner.

• Familiar with all tools and consumables required to perform calibration and repair services.

• Maintaining daily communications with customers in a professional manner to ensure smooth coronation at site

• Meeting highest norms related to Health, Safety & Environmental and/or all other applicable regulatory requirements

Qualifications & Experience

• Technician: 3 yrs, Diploma in Electronics or Instrumentation or Chemical Engineering

• Minimum 3 years’ work experience in Analyzer Calibration, Preventive maintenance and Repair services

• Preference would be given for Engineers/Technicians obtained training from OEM’s and having hands on experience with Process Gas Chromatography, PGC 5000 from ABB, Sulfur Analyzer, Model 9XX from AMETEK

• Prior work experience with OEM’s including ABB, AMETEK is advantage

• Valid driver’s license and good driving record is advantage

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